Like all good things, I stumbled upon Beat Bag while scrolling Instagram, it was actually their silver holographic makeup bag that caught my eye!

If you follow my Instagram story you may have seen me talk about the fact that I know longer work and live under the same roof anymore, so I'm back to needing my makeup essentials traveling with me at all times. 


There has been some real thought go into the interior of these makeup bags, which I love, because there is nothing worst than having to dig through a makeup bag to find a smaller product like a pencil or lipstick. 

They have these great internal side detailing, with one side having a small mesh pocket - great for lipsticks, eyelash glue, eyeshadows or concealers. While the other side has elastic holders which is perfect for bottles or brushes.

The size of the..

Beat Bag is so deceptive, at first glance I didn't think it would fit all my essentials, but I was so wrong. It holds all my everyday makeup, plus a few extras and there is definitely still room for more. 


Because the zips come right down the sides of the makeup bag it makes it so easy to see everything inside the bag and means it sits really nicely when it's open. 

Here is everything I managed to fit inside the Beat Bag


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To find out more about Beat Bag, head over to the website or check out there social accounts:

Instagram: @beatbag_au